Toyota’s ‘Fine-Comfort Ride’ fuel cell concept aims for long-range flexibility


Toyota is debuting a new concept vehicle for the forthcoming Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s a fuel cell vehicle that’s designed to get around 1,000 km (around 621 miles) on a single hydrogen pack that can be refuelled in about 3 minutes total. The concept looks like an aggressively future-styled minivan, though it’s billed as a “premium saloon,” and it’s got an interior design that emphasizes second row seating space.

The Fine-Comfort Ride is designed to be flexible in its seat configuration, so that it can use used maximally by just one occupant, or rather as a meeting or communication and collaboration room for a group.

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It’s also got a virtual Agent built into touch displays on the driver and passenger windows and screens, for a full surround infotainment experience. The motors are in the wheels, positioned at the absolute outside edges of the car, too, which Toyota says makes for silent running and quite operation.

There are also no dividing pillars separating the front and rear seats, and the bucket seating looks like lounge furnishings from a Blade Runner movie. It’s actually a super cool vision of future mobility, albeit probably not a particularly realistic one.

Toyota should have plenty more to show off at the Tokyo Motor Show next week, so stay tuned for more big reveals, and hopefully more far-out concepts.

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