Adobe expands its Creative Cloud services for enterprises


Adobe is using its annual MAX conference to launch a number of new features that are especially interesting to enterprises today. Usually, when we talk about enterprise software, we’re talking about pretty boring line-of-business applications, but as many of the biggest companies are also bringing their creative agencies in-house, their need for collaborative tools that work across teams is growing, too.

Ashley Still, Adobe’s VP for Creative Cloud for Enterprise, tells me that about half of the 12,000 attendees at this week’s MAX conference now work for large brands — and even Adobe itself has brought almost all of its product for the event in-house. That’s a trend she’s seeing across enterprises.

So to help these large businesses — and the vast majority of Fortune 1000 companies use Adobe’s creative tools in some form or another — the company is previewing a new integration between its Creative Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud today. This means that marketers and creatives can soon use the same design assets across their organization, whether they are using Creative Cloud apps or the Adobe Experience Manager. This integration will also extend to Adobe Dimension, the company’s 3D compositing tool that was formerly knows as Project Felix. This will allow marketers to use these 3D object for their uses across customer touch points like mobile, the web and in apps (and Adobe Stock is also expanding its collection of 3D objects with support for Dimension).

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