A closer look at the all-new 2018 Nissan Leaf


Nissan’s new Leaf is the updated version of one of the pioneers of the modern all-electric consumer car, and the change is a promising one. The new vehicle offers 150 miles of range based on EPA estimates, which is a lot more than its predecessor at 107 miles (if off a bit when compared to other modern EVs like the Chevrolet Bolt).

For Nissan, it’s being positioned as the first EV that isn’t an “EV” first – it’s just a car, in other words, like any other, but it happens to have a fully electric drivetrain. The company also rethought the look and feel of the vehicle, again bringing in some more conventional, attractive lines vs. the bubble-like geometry of the last model.

Inside, it’s a more spacious vehicle, with a lot of cargo and passenger capacity for everyday use. The battery also charges faster, and can build up as much as 22 miles of range in just an hour of charging when connected to a 240V source.

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Nissan has also brought a lot of advanced tech fears to the vehicle, including Android Auto, CarPlay and more. It has ProPILOT Assist, too, and is the first Nissan in the U.S. to offer the advanced driving assist features, which include maintaining speed, lane-keeping and even full breaking in highway driving.

Nissan is also promoting its Leaf-to-Home power system, which is coming to the U.S. for the first time, and which allows houses to draw energy back from the car, letting it act as a sort of backup battery for any emergency outages or other use.

Starting at $29,990 in the U.S. for the base model, the 2018 Leaf is also a bit less expensive than the 2017, which is impressive considering how much more they put into the car. It’s definitely an attractive car, and one with a lot more utilitarian appeal than Leafs that have come before. Mostly, the remaining question will be whether Nissan has done enough to make it a vehicle with more mainstream appeal.

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